THE NatsGM Show #89 – Special Guest Matthew Riddle

THE NatsGM Show returns with our 1st episode of February 2017 and we are proud to welcome former MMA fighter and current professional wrestler Matthew Riddle!

Our interview begins with Matt sharing his thoughts on his UFC career, Dana White and his take on Ronda Rousey.  Then our conversations shifts toward professional wrestling, his favorites growing up as a kid and how his athletic background helped him transition from MMA.  Next Matt talks about Evolve, how he ended up with the company, working with Gabe Sapolsky and acting as a co-trainer for the company.  Finally we finish with a game of “Rapid Fire” where Matt talks about fighting Brock Lesnar and Ken Shamrock, his favorite band and his future in the sport.

Thanks to Matt for joining us this week – please check out his new website for more information.

Matthew Riddle & NatsGM

THE NatsGM Show #87 – Guest Veda Scott

THE NatsGM Show #87 has published and we are proud to welcome one of the top wrestlers in North America, Veda Scott!

Veda and I begin our interview discussing her upcoming appearances locally at NoVA Pro Wrestling, how she found the company and her match last summer against Kimber Lee.  Next Veda talks about being a lifelong wrestling fan, training to be a wrestler while in law school and working in the business while in her final year of law school.  She then shares her thoughts on the current state of women’s wrestling, the growth around the globe and on the indys.  Finally we finish our conversation with a game of “Rapid Fire“!

BIG Thank You to Veda for joining the show and to NoVA Pro Wrestling for helping coordinate our interview.  Please check them out on Twitter @VAWrestling & online at

Veda Scott & NatsGM, with a Kimber Lee Photobomb

THE NatsGM Show #84 – Special Guest Chris Hero

Chris Hero & NatsGM

Chris Hero & NatsGM

Ahead of Thanksgiving, the latest episode of THE NatsGM Show is now available and we proudly welcome the best independent wrestler in the world today, Chris Hero!

In this special interview, first Chris shares his thoughts on NoVA Pro Wrestling, his appearance November 25th against Arik Royal and how he found out about the company.  Next we discuss his impressive career as an independent wrestler, the evolution he has witnessed and his thoughts on tag-team wrestling present day.  Finally, Chris reflects on his time in NXT, his thoughts on this season’s Duke basketball team and participates in a round of Rapid Fire!

Special Thank You to Chris for joining us and to NoVA Pro Wrestling for their help.  Please check out their event on November 25th at  Thank you for listening!

THE NatsGM Show #81 – Special Guest Dan Barry


Episode #81 of THE NatsGM Show is now widely available and we are proud to welcome professional wrestler, standup comic and WWE reality television star, Dan Barry!

This week’s episode begins with Dan talking about his debut appearance in NoVA Pro Wrestling this Saturday, October 22nd, with tag-team partner Chuck Taylor against Logan Easton Laroux and Alexander James.  Next we discuss his 16-year career in professional wrestling, growing up as a fan and training with legendary ECW star Mikey Whipwreck.  Then we shift to his career as a comedian, how he got into comedy and the similarities and differences to professional wrestling.  Finally Dan shares his thoughts on his appearances on WWE’s Holy Foley, his friendship with Mick Foley, training Noelle Foley and Frank the Clown.

Special Thanks to Dan for joining the show and NoVA Pro Wrestling (@VAWrestling) for helping arrange this interview.  Thanks as always to our sponsor No Halftime and to you for listening!