THE NatsGM Show #108 – Guest Rob Mains

THE NatsGM Show #108 has dropped and we are proud to welcome back a friend of the show, Baseball Prospectus’s Rob Mains!

On this episode, our conversation begins with Rob discussing his recent trip to Cooperstown for the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony, both the positives and the negatives.  Then we pivot and spend the rest of the show breaking down the MLB trade deadline, which teams we thought did well and teams we thought whiffed.

Thanks to Rob for graciously joining the show and to you for downloading!

THE NatsGM Show #107 – Guest Chad Dukes

THE NatsGM Show #107 is now available for download and we are proud to welcome 106.7 The Fan DC’s Chad Dukes!

Our conversation begins with Chad discussing his upcoming gig working as the MC for Ringside with Jim Ross August 10th at the DC Improv and his experience doing so last year.  Then we shift the discussion to talk about his early career in radio and his relationship with the Sports Junkies.  Next Chad reflects on working at the legendary radio station WHFS, meeting various celebrities and now hosting a daily 5 hour radio show for The Fan.  Finally he gives his take on the upcoming Mayweather – McGregor fight and the state of Roman Reigns & Jinder Mahal in the WWE.

Thanks to Chad Dukes for generously sharing his time and to you for downloading!

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THE NatsGM Show #105 – Guest Pete Kerzel

THE NatsGM Show Episode #105 is now available and we proudly welcome from, Pete Kerzel!

Our conversation begins with Pete and I reflecting on the first half of the season for the Washington Nationals and the outstanding current seasons from Ryan Zimmerman, Daniel Murphy and Max Scherzer.  Next we turn our attention to some weaknesses on  this roster, specifically the bullpen and the back of the rotation, plus we look ahead to the MLB trade deadline.  Finally we play a quick game of “Rapid Fire” where Pete shares his favorite National player to interview and his favorite memory with the franchise.

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THE NatsGM Show #104 – Guest Driveline Baseball’s Kyle Boddy

THE NatsGM Show #104 is now ready to download and we are proud to welcome the Founder of Driveline Baseball, Kyle Boddy!

Our interview begins with Kyle discussing his early career, opening up Driveline Baseball and discovering the positive effects of underweight and overweight baseballs in increasing velocity.  Next we hear his thoughts on the epidemic of Tommy John surgeries in baseball and his advice to protect young arms while developing their skills.  Finally Kyle talks about the future of pitching velocity and if we have reached the upper limits of the human anatomy.

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