THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #18

THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #18 has dropped ahead of Hurricane Irma (stay safe Josh!) and as per usual, Josh covers many topics baseball-related and not.

On this episode Josh begins by reflecting on the recent trade deadline deal of his client Jeremy Jeffress, plus the success of clients’ Seth Lugo and Carlos Asuaje.  Then we shift the discussion to Carlos Baerga, players who struggle in a new environment, the worst trades in baseball history, and youth travel baseball.  Finally Josh talks about a new client, passing on signing a potential top-5 draft pick next spring and much more!

Thanks to Josh for clearing some time during the season and ahead of a potential catastrophe, and to you for downloading.

THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #17 – Vans & A Beanie?

This is a very special MLB Trade Deadline Episode of THE Joshua Kusnick Experience, as Josh clears some time ahead of the deadline to talk.

Our conversation begins with Josh reflecting on his All-Star week experience, opening baseball cards from 1992 and buying WBC jerseys.  Then Josh talks about the recent 1-on-1 matchup between clients Carlos Asuaje vs Seth Lugo, touches on the relationships, or lack thereof, his clients have with each other, and mentions several clients performing well.  Next the conversation shifts to the trade deadline, the responsibilities of an agent and some of his favorite deadline stories.   And to conclude, Josh gives his take on his favorite baseball stadium, the best hockey goalie ever, and the benefits of a worldwide baseball draft.

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THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #16 – #YouKnow

THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #16 is now available for download!  On this episode Josh covers a wide-range of topics, beginning with his experience during this past MLB Draft and his plans for the upcoming All-Star Break in Miami.  Next we discuss the Tim Tebow effect in Port St. Lucie where Josh lives, provides updates on several clients like Michael Brantley and then tangents into talking about sports and movie memorabilia.  Finally Josh talks about his favorite player of all time and the autograph he most covets for his collection.

Thanks to Josh for clearing some time during the season and thank you for downloading!

THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #15 – #LugoFilter

After an extended vacation, we are back with Episode #15 of THE Joshua Kusnick Experience!

Our conversation begins with catching up with Josh, his experience at the winter meetings last December and his take on NBA draft prospect Lonzo Ball & his father.  Then we discuss the unfortunate cancellation of the show “Pitch”, the success of his client Seth Lugo in the WBC and provides updates on several other clients.  Finally Josh gives a compelling argument for a World Wide Draft, acknowledges his least favorite part of the job and talks about Michael Brantley’s experience with a squirrel.

Thank you to Josh for clearing time during the season to chat and to you for downloading!