About The Author


A fanatical baseball fan as a child, my career ended rather abruptly in high school due to a phenomenal lack of bat speed.  Luckily I was always far more interested in the construction of a team and the decisions a front office makes than the actual games played.

After graduating college I spent 8 years working as a Financial Advisor in Washington D.C. before deciding I wanted a career in baseball.  While interviewing for various scouting positions, in January 2011 I started NatsGM.com, a forum to analyze the front office moves of the Washington Nationals and other topics throughout baseball.  In addition, I have proudly co-hosted the Red Porch Report, the all-Nationals Podcast through the Ball Hogs Radio Network since July 2012.

I live in Bethesda, MD with my wife, Kimberly, and two very spoiled Beagles, Nemo and Dory.  If you wish to contact me, email at NationalsGM@Gmail.com,  on Twitter @NatsGMdotcom , and on Facebook by searching NatsGM.