THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #28: OH-Tani

THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #28 is available for download and we have an extremely baseball-centric conversation.

Our conversation begins with a discussion about fantasy baseball and how it has impacted the way fans enjoy the game.  Next we talk about how the specialization of bullpens has had the side effect of eliminating mid-priced veteran bench hitters, plus we talk about how to optimize major league rosters while stating obvious hurdles to the process.  Then Josh brings up a fantastic argument against a world wide baseball draft, a negative to eliminating a draft and going to a bonus pool, and describes interacting with former client Lorenzo Cain for the first time in years.  Finally Josh gives his thoughts again on Jeremy Jeffress’s contract, are radar guns juiced, and we fan-boy over Shohei Ohtani.

Thanks to Josh for sharing his time and to you for downloading!

3 thoughts on “THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #28: OH-Tani

  1. Good call by Ron Darling on mets broadcast on fox feed into Hong Kong : tanner roark like Bryn Smith. 19 game winner if they had 3 more MPH on FB

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