Scouting The MLB Draft – Logan Gilbert Stetson University

Logan Gilbert           RHP Stetson University                      Evaluated 3/23/18

Fastball (50/60)         Curveball (45/55)         Slider (40/45)      Changeup (35/40)

The junior serves as the Friday starter for Stetson University and has legitimate professional potential.  Gilbert is truly a “Mountain of a Man”, as he is listed at 6-6 225lbs and I would suggest he is closer to 245lbs.  He is well-built but will need to be aware of his conditioning.  Gilbert has long limbs that he utilizes to get impressive extension toward home plate.  He throws from a traditional 3/4s arm slot and repeats his mechanics fairly well both in the stretch and windup.  Gilbert has a quiet, one-step windup into a letter-high leg-lift and a medium effort delivery.  For his size, he fields his position well and does a nice job holding runners.

Gilbert features a 4-pitch repertoire consisting of a fastball, curveball, slider and changeup.  His fastball sat at 90-92mph, touching 94mph three times, with natural cutting action away from righties.  Despite the cold, windy weather, Gilbert commanded his fastball low in the strike zone and to both sides of the plate.  The pitch was “50/55” quality in this viewing, although I expect it to play as a “60” under normal conditions.

His curveball (73-76mph) has the traditional 12-6 shape with late tumbling action and he can bury the pitch in the dirt or throw it for strikes.  The slider (79-81mph) showed 1-plane break and moved harshly away from righties.  He throws it for strikes but it does not profile as a swing-and-miss offering but rather a pitch that catches the corner or induces weak contact.  Finally he threw only three changeups (80-83mph) in this outing and the results were solid, inducing a whiff, a meek ground ball to shortstop and a called strike.  The pitch obviously fooled hitters, yet the pitch did not particularly impress with the movement or quality of the offering, projecting as a future “40”.

Gilbert is a high-level collegiate pitcher and one of the better prospects I have seen in several years.  His fastball and curveball both project as above-average pitches, and there is potential either (or both) the changeup or slider get to average.  This arsenal, combined with a tremendous physique and natural extension in his delivery, allows him to profile as a mid-rotation major league starter.  Gilbert projects as a mid-to-late 1st round pick this June.

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