THE NatsGM Show #124 – Russell Carleton

THE NatsGM Show #124 is now available and we are proud to welcome back Baseball Prospectus contributor and the author of the upcoming book “The Shift”, Russell Carleton!

Our conversation begins with Russell describing the process of writing the book and getting it published.  Next I begin peppering Russell with questions about the book, with topics ranging from meeting Jed from Kenyon College, the idea of expected value in making decisions, why David Ortiz would not bunt against shifts during his career and how truly risk-averse third base coaches are in the majors.  Finally he discusses the opportunity Sabermetrics has in studying the human element of the player, his thoughts on the WAR metric and what we can do to ask better questions.

Thanks to Russell for returning to the show to promote his fantastic book, and to you for downloading!

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