THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #25 – Invading A Compound

Welcome to the 25th Episode of THE Joshua Kusnick Experience!

This week our conversation begins with Josh talking about his contention Seth Lugo would not be the worst outfielder in Mets’ big league camp, getting into it with an autograph dealer and his reaction to seeing his name on the front page of the USA Today.  Next Josh describes the bizarre and somewhat surreal experience he had attending the MLBPA Free Agent Camp in Bradenton this week.  Finally we discuss the state of free agency now that Eric Hosmer and J.D. Martinez have signed, the effect the rebuilding teams in Florida have had on the market and the new pace-of-play initiatives.

Thanks to Josh as always for his candor and to you for listening – Please follow the show on Twitter @JoshKusnickPod and leave suggestions for show topics in the comment’s section below!

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