THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #24 – Collusion Part 2

Back for Round 2, THE Joshua Kusnick Experience Episode #24 continues on the theme of last week’s episode on Collusion, Labor & The Lack of Free Agent Activity.

Josh begins our conversation by describing his recent tweet that went viral, his thoughts on fans acting pro-owner rather than pro-player and the coincidental end of the CBA in 2021 and corresponding end of Donald Trump’s Presidency in late 2020.  Next Josh describes his recent appearance on MLB Network Radio with Jim Bowden & Jim Duquette, the combative nature of the interview and passive-aggressively arguing with “Ralph”.  Finally, I ask Josh about how Yu Darvish’s contract may, or may not, bolster the stagnant free agent market, along with the ramifications of MLBPA Spring Training occurring for unsigned players.

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