THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #23 – Collusion?

THE Joshua Kusnick Experience has published Episode #23 and the entire subject of our show is the current state of Free Agency in Major League Baseball.  Josh and I discuss the topic of collusion this winter, the negative consequences of tanking within the game, plus the arguments against teams all evaluating players the same way.  Finally we touch on Tony Clark, pace of play, and so much more.

Thanks to Josh for his time and candor, and to you for downloading.  To contact the show, please use @JoshKusnickPod or – Thanks for listening!

One thought on “THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #23 – Collusion?

  1. Ryan. Now that a MSU alum lead a team to a Super Bowl victory. It’s time for somebody to post the Nats NRI spring camp list. You know the Nats hold some intel close to the best like state secrets .
    Bullpen depth added, Knorrs core seeded for Syracuse . The moving truck in DC is getting fluid changes for the drive to WPB!

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