THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #22 – Let’s Talk About Arbitration

THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #22 continues with our new format and this episode responds directly to a question from the audience – Why do some players go to arbitration and others choose to sign long-term?

The conversation begins with Josh briefly explaining the arbitration process, the expense of preparing for the hearing and the cost/benefit analysis of signing a contract verses going to a hearing.  Next Josh specifically discusses his client Jeremy Jeffress, the mechanics behind his contract he signed a few months ago and the thought process behind him signing this deal before reaching arbitration.  This show gives a tremendous insight into the work agents do for their clients.

Thanks to Josh for being so candid and to you for downloading – And as a small tribute to a favorite musician of ours, we used the Cranberries “Salvation” as our song on this show… RIP Dolores O’Riordan.

One thought on “THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #22 – Let’s Talk About Arbitration

  1. Catch the latest AAA signings.? Knorr should have an interesting corp to begin in April .
    Marmelos could use some left handed hitting besides Collier and Stevenson on hand. Maybe Rizzo signs a journeyman lefty swinging catcher ( like he tends to do). Or maybe Gamache surprises and catches onto Cuse bench .

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