THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #19

Recording one day after the tender deadline date, MLB certified agent Joshua Kusnick graciously clears some time to record a NEW Joshua Kusnick Experience!

On this episode Josh begins by giving some insights into the new Jeremy Jeffress contract signed with Milwaukee the previous day.  Next Josh talks about completing a prized baseball set from his childhood and potentially donating/ loaning Vladimir Guerrero memorabilia to the Hall of Fame.  Then our conversation shifts to Kevin Goldstein & Jason Parks from the Podcast Up And In now both having World Series rings (Wow!) and the changing dynamics within the baseball agent industry.  Finally, the topic of free agency and the dearth of signings thus far this winter is discussed and his plans for pranking Jim Bowden at the Winter Meetings next week.

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4 thoughts on “THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #19

  1. I am applauding the karma brought to Royals after tragically losing their young RH
    With the braves young RH just signed.
    How many minor league FAs will Nats sign to seed the top two affiliates ? Buena Vista will reveal.
    Jared Hughes ? You like ?

  2. Duquette inks a Ball State alumnist in his 14
    Dollar general bags and the guy with a rare first name like my late Uncle Rslston. Ralston Cash has some interesting stuff between the numbers in his bio. 2018 Camden call- up if
    DD changes the bull pen line ?? My gut says this like when Roark was @ Cuse

  3. I just gave out a shout out to a Nats fan on a bike on rendondo beach. He yelled back
    Where to eat on the pier?
    Merry Christmas

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