3 thoughts on “Poll -> Who Wins The NLDS Matchup, Chicago or Washington?

  1. Better question is : which Nat comes through in Wil Clark fashion for Dusty remindful of those giant wins in Wrigley?
    Off the field question : where do you envision Cole Freeman launching his Mays career- with Carter Kieboom @ Potomac or with O Abreau @ Burg??
    Go Nats.
    Those 32 runners stranded in season finale. ?? Somebody on Cubs should pay. Lol

    • How cool is this that Victor Robles is on playoff roster . You see some Eric Davis in him. I see some Grissom in him.
      Speaking of Grissom , I received a personal letter from Max Schumacher ( retired Indy Indians CEO/ president who passed along the reins to his son, Bruce) who mentioned that a table sits in Victory Field with the four legs being Louisville Slugger Grissom bats. Very cool swag!!! Lol

      • I was following game 2 on my phone being walked by the dog when Zimmerman hit HR
        causing me to yell Yes! Numerous lights went on in the neighborhood. Lol!
        Go Mad Max!!
        Any buzz from west palm beach instructional. League or AFL?

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