THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #18

THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #18 has dropped ahead of Hurricane Irma (stay safe Josh!) and as per usual, Josh covers many topics baseball-related and not.

On this episode Josh begins by reflecting on the recent trade deadline deal of his client Jeremy Jeffress, plus the success of clients’ Seth Lugo and Carlos Asuaje.  Then we shift the discussion to Carlos Baerga, players who struggle in a new environment, the worst trades in baseball history, and youth travel baseball.  Finally Josh talks about a new client, passing on signing a potential top-5 draft pick next spring and much more!

Thanks to Josh for clearing some time during the season and ahead of a potential catastrophe, and to you for downloading.

2 thoughts on “THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #18

  1. Very interesting sept instructs squad.
    Extra TLC to instill some further confidence
    And reps with some guys who should advance in 18 on mound. Gilabeau , Jeffry Rod and Borque cone to mind.
    Further work for Gary Thurman with guys like Upshaw, Connell and Senior
    Meanwhile Kelvin G gets reps in AFL while Franco gets special TLC in WPB.
    Maybe Nats and Astros swing a minor deal after all the close proximity in same complex ??

    • Hello Ryan from Inchon SK
      Want to hear a small world story ?
      One of my coworkers in crew on this trip to South Korea is Marquis Grissom ‘s ex wife. Talk about the inner expo fan child coming out !!

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