Scouting Wine – Sampling Gio Gonzalez Wine

Recently I had the opportunity to attend Washington Nationals Gio Gonzalez’s Uncorked For A Cause Event, in which his Gio Gonzalez Sonoma County 2014 Cabernet was unveiled.  As part of the charitable donation for attending, each guest was given a bottle of the wine to take home as a souvenir.

Unfortunately Mrs. NatsGM could not attend this with me, so she was eager to taste Gio’s wine to see if he was as good a winemaker as he is a baseball player.  Because we use baseball’s 20-80 scouting scale to describe most everything, we saw an obvious opportunity to act like faux wine snobs and scout Gio’s wine.

Marketing and Presentation

NatsGM – 50       Mrs. NatsGM – 45

The label is relatively straightforward, classy and rather plain, with the two “Gs” for Gio Gonzalez interlocking.  While I appreciate the plain red label, I do worry a consumer could pass it while shopping at the store.  Also, I wish there was a stronger nod toward baseball.

Appearance and Aroma

NatsGM – 55       Mrs. NatsGM – 65

Immediately one notices the dark burgundy, almost purple color of the wine.  We decanted the wine for a while with good results, as the aroma seemed to soften and flourish with exposure to air.  It has a nice peppery smell with a hint of spice notes.


NatsGM – 55       Mrs. NatsGM – 50

The first taste on my palate was quite spicy and sassy, which was rather unexpected, yet by sips four and five it became quite smooth and “fruity”.  I quite enjoyed the flavor and quickly enjoyed my portion of the wine.  It was especially enjoyable when I paired it with a few bites of cheese.


NatsGM – 60       Mrs. NatsGM – 50

With the understanding I am not a wine connoisseur, I was quite impressed with Gio Gonzalez’s wine.  In the past when I have enjoyed wine because of a fun label or a unique connection to the winemaker, the results have often disappointed.  However, this had a nice fruit taste and was quite easy-to-drink, making it an enjoyable experience.  This was really quite good and overall the wine “plays up” due to the involvement of Gio Gonzalez.  I would not hesitate to drink this again and think it could be a nice holiday gift for any Nationals’ fan.

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5 thoughts on “Scouting Wine – Sampling Gio Gonzalez Wine

  1. Great red label on wine bottles
    Watching Birds . Jays now. Luis Rivera @ 3 b coaching box takes me back to high school when Rivera was SS for Indy Indians with Junior Noboa @2b for Joe Sparks and the expo AAA affiliate
    Cool that Gushue called up for four games with Senators .
    Have a great safe weekend

    • DeRosier on bump for hags this Sunday.
      Juan Soto has had a bloody good weekend so far. 7 hits two games .
      Hags now. POTNATS @ Fred later
      Nick Adenhart bobble head swag @ hags

  2. Fine like wine. Back in the saddle by Aerosmith or Roy Rogers. Juan Soto 5-5 in L to pain in the keester Cards. 13-9. Fun rally by Johnson boys late. L Garcia , Kelvin G
    And Israel Pineda.

  3. I had a chat with woman in ticket booth
    About the AFL selections especially Austen Williams , who I will analyze later today to what in tarnation brass is in love with him about.

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