THE NatsGM Show #109 – Special Guest Ben Lindbergh

Episode #109 of THE NatsGM Show is available for download and we are proud to welcome back writer & podcaster at The Ringer and the co-author of The Only Rule Is It Has To Work, Ben Lindbergh!

During our interview Ben begins by describing his recent experience at SaberSeminar and last week’s #EclipseFest listener event.  Next Ben explains some of his recent work on the rise of home runs hit per game at the major league level and his explanation of this phenomenon.  Finally Ben reflects on his book running an independent baseball team, shares his incredible engagement story and plays a quick game of “Rapid Fire”!

Thank you to Ben for returning to the Podcast and to you for downloading!  Please follow us on Twitter @Nats_GM and consider giving us a 5-star Rating & Review on Apple Podcasts.

3 thoughts on “THE NatsGM Show #109 – Special Guest Ben Lindbergh

  1. Are you free to catch birds / Nats kids battle in hags this week ?? Franco @ 11 HRs and 60 RBI

  2. Matthew Crownover converts to bullpen
    For various reasons lead by his inability to last 6 IP in starts ?? Or just brass calling for looks from other arms. ??

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