THE NatsGM Show #103 – Guest Bennett Brauer

THE NatsGM Show Episode #103 is now available and we are proud to welcome author at BP Toronto & former minor league executive, Bennett Brauer!

This week’s episode focuses on the business side of minor league baseball, as Bennett describes the differences between a major and minor league general manager and the relationship between the team and the parent organization.  Then our conversation shifts and he describes the importance of promotional items to minor league teams, and what a typical day is for someone working in a general manager capacity.  Finally Bennett gives some advice to those who might want to work in baseball and we play a game of “Rapid Fire”.

Thank you to Bennett for joining me this holiday week and to you for downloading!

One thought on “THE NatsGM Show #103 – Guest Bennett Brauer

  1. We need to meet behind home plate at Hagerstown during late July especially vs our favorite farm system other than Nats – Texas .
    Discuss the farm tilling ( pink slips), the additions , the look of the affiliates mid season and the swag owed to you!
    Too bad the knuckler did not Niekro JD Martin back towards the bigs .
    You have any 411 swag on the recent Latin July 2 signees.
    A shout out to Ashley bartender @ bel air
    Buffalo wi3 who knows her baseball and
    Sport culture !!
    Funny if Nats found an infielder named Lynch to pair with Ryan Merrill.

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