THE NatsGM Show #101 – Guest Emily Waldon

THE NatsGM Show #101 has dropped like a bowling ball in the ocean and we are proud to welcome from, Emily Waldon!

Our conversation begins by talking prospects playing in the midwest, specifically Toronto’s Vladimir Guerrero Jr. & Bo Bichette, and Detroit’s Matt Manning, Beau Burrows and Kyle Funkhouser.  Somehow we transition and I get Emily’s thoughts on being a female in the baseball “industry”, her experiences both positive and negative and her advice for those aspiring to work in baseball.  Finally, we play an exciting rendition of the Lightning Round and speculate on Anthony Gose as a pitcher.

Thank you to Emily for being such a terrific guest and to you for downloading.  If you like the show, please consider Rating and Reviewing the show on iTunes.  Thanks for listening!

6 thoughts on “THE NatsGM Show #101 – Guest Emily Waldon

  1. Busy Baron of baseball blogs !!
    I have second half July VC
    By then we should see promotions !
    Nice interviews
    Wow what is more impressive ? Ross 12 Ks
    Or Luis Last night down river for Potnats??

  2. Flight to Madrid featured The Boz and his wife in row 9
    On deplaning I asked the Boz if he has folllowed his Sooner alum Sheldon Neuse
    With the Nats . He mentioned his wife is
    Connected to Matt Williams somehow .
    Jet lag attention
    Hmm borne gaining an identity on Potomac

  3. Interesting how minor league farm directorship has Burriss coming off
    Lengthy suspension while C Joseph
    Plays org guy @ Harrisburg enabling
    Stephen Perez to play some outfield .
    Interesting how BA mock 4 places
    Bounced Cougar Lefty to Nats .

      • LSU ace would be a nice addition in the vacuum of Eaton deal pitching outflow
        Fedde and LSU ace will look nice on tomorrow

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