Evaluating Riley Pint RHP Asheville Tourists

Riley Pint RHP Asheville Tourists Low-A (Evaluated 4/9/17)

Fastball (50/65) / Curveball (45/55) / Slider (40/50) / Changeup (35/45)

“We ARE selling jeans here!” – looks the part, standing a wiry 6-4 195lbs with potential to add 15+ pounds.  4th overall pick to Colorado in the 2016 MLB Draft, signed for a $4.8 million bonus.  High 3/4s arm slot, nearly from his right ear; struggled repeating his mechanics, often under-rotating, sending his fastball high and arm-side.  Easy velocity, looks like he is playing catch – mechanics need refining to improve command/control but no obvious flaws.

4-pitch repertoire-  Fastball sits 95-98mph touching 99mph 4x – lower velocities can show sinking and/or cutting movement, upper velocities are lively with arm-side wiggle.  Curveball sits 79-83mph with 11-5 movement and late breaking action; starts behind the batter and made several look foolish; true swing-and-miss “55” potential.  Showed a few 83-85mph sliders with some hard, late bite; inconsistent but potentially average.  Changeup 89-90mph shows excellent arm speed and tumbling arm-side movement; struggles to locate for strikes as it fades out of the zone but freezes batters – “45” potential

Pint will spend all year at 19 y/o and will experience growing pains in his 1st year of full season ball; injury risk due to the premium velocity for a high school arm; will need 3+ years of minor league development.  Fastball command will determine ultimate role.  #2 starter ceiling, with the likely outcome being a mid-rotation starter and floor as an impact reliever.

7 thoughts on “Evaluating Riley Pint RHP Asheville Tourists

  1. Nice review with a pint nearby
    Funny if Nats draft a kid connected to
    A suspended / booted list not a Tommy John surgery date list .
    Romero has some eye popping stats for sure
    Good to see Rendon heating up

  2. By the way. There is that phillie direct line again. Nick Rickles sold to Phillies
    New Nats hags hitting coach replaced Amaury Garcia. The guys name doesn’t come to mind now but he sounds like an old STL Card farmhand .
    Hello from Madrid

  3. PS Wilmington has a pitcher with a name
    Perfect for a bad bullpen. Blewett who is facing Joan Baez tonight

  4. Another arm for Potomac in Tyler Skulina
    out of Kent State
    Surprise in Angher Cepedes released ?

    • Rayburn is Brandon Snyder 4A
      Why not just flesh out deal to include
      Robertson ? Lol

      • Yahoo on the fritz
        Ex Houston Cougar lefty or
        Son of Marine Coloniel
        Schmidt ??
        I can only imagine … the inner makeup of Schmidt …something mad Max31 would admire?
        Cancer survivor ..

        • I spoke with a guy on flight from Mexico to DFW who is from Kokomo
          I mentioned Nolan sunburn to him
          He said his grand pa
          Owned sporting. Goods store sanburn
          In Kokomo

          Chorus line for relievers @ cuse

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