THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #15 – #LugoFilter

After an extended vacation, we are back with Episode #15 of THE Joshua Kusnick Experience!

Our conversation begins with catching up with Josh, his experience at the winter meetings last December and his take on NBA draft prospect Lonzo Ball & his father.  Then we discuss the unfortunate cancellation of the show “Pitch”, the success of his client Seth Lugo in the WBC and provides updates on several other clients.  Finally Josh gives a compelling argument for a World Wide Draft, acknowledges his least favorite part of the job and talks about Michael Brantley’s experience with a squirrel.

Thank you to Josh for clearing time during the season to chat and to you for downloading!

2 thoughts on “THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #15 – #LugoFilter

  1. Taylor Gilabeau Cajun savior to potsnats
    Well timed return in conjunction with Jeffrey Rod 80 game time out in the corner
    Your take on Fedde NOW with Hill in hags
    For org role???
    Now the June draft looms as brass telling scouts :?scour for kids who can climb fast ??
    Nice to see Difo excel in Pittsburgh start.
    Dusty needs that
    Off to Madrid

    • Nats pulling an Adam Wainwright
      With Eric Fedde as St Louis did in his rookie year ?

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