THE NatsGM Show #97 – Guest Dave DeFreitas

This week on Episode #97 of THE NatsGM Show, I am joined by former scout for the New York Yankees & Cleveland Indians and the current co-owner of, Dave DeFreitas!

Our conversation begins with Dave talking about his recent appearance on 60 Minutes discussing Japanese sensation Shohei Otani, along with his scouting notes on Otani both as a pitcher and a hitter.  Next Dave gives his thoughts on another 2-way player, top 2017 MLB Draft prospect Hunter Greene.  Finally Dave shares his opinion on the Adam Eaton trade and the prospects’ Washington parted with, plus top Washington prospects Erick Fedde and Andrew Stevenson.

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5 thoughts on “THE NatsGM Show #97 – Guest Dave DeFreitas

  1. Nolan Sanburn Arkansas Razorback alum
    Signed off waivers from Chisox (AA peak).
    Yes. Another Oakland As draftee .
    Harrisburg ?

    • Ryan. Run me through the typical free agent signing process for a guy like Sanborn: report to Vierra ,
      Pass physical , take the bump for some sideline tossing under supervision , simulated games in XST?? Then get approved for affiliate
      Assignment ??

      • Good interview with DD
        Good subject to write on
        About how org ushers in
        A free agent arm readying him
        For an affiliation assignment ??

      • Tough Q because every situation is different… In general you are on the right track, but it is too player-specific to generalize in a column.

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