NatsGM On Hiatus

Unfortunately due to issues both personally and professionally, & THE NatsGM Show is going on an indefinite hiatus beginning today.  I do not know when, or if, we will return.  Thank you!

{ Editor’s Note 4/24/17Things are improving and we are hoping for a May return.  We are working through some technical issues and other potential changes at this point.  Thanks for your concern. }

8 thoughts on “NatsGM On Hiatus

  1. Sorry to hear this Ryan. I know how tough it is to do what you do … and I don’t even do a podcast like you do. Hope you get things resolved and back to what you love doing.


  3. Now you are truly back : nats / Os in 1 st place
    Pinch me am I dreaming ? Jeff- Rod posts
    Two QS???

  4. Ryan dude. You heard anything on borne
    Or gilabeau being in XST besides rehab or
    Mechanics retooling ?
    Adios jD Martin the knuckler???

  5. A fellow co workers daughter is friends
    With ORU OF Matt Whatley who is a comer for draft ….

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