NatsGM On Hiatus

Unfortunately due to issues both personally and professionally, & THE NatsGM Show is going on an indefinite hiatus beginning today.  I do not know when, or if, we will return.  Thank you!

{ Editor’s Note 4/24/17Things are improving and we are hoping for a May return.  We are working through some technical issues and other potential changes at this point.  Thanks for your concern. }

8 thoughts on “NatsGM On Hiatus

  1. Sorry to hear this Ryan. I know how tough it is to do what you do … and I don’t even do a podcast like you do. Hope you get things resolved and back to what you love doing.

  2. Ryan dude. You heard anything on borne
    Or gilabeau being in XST besides rehab or
    Mechanics retooling ?
    Adios jD Martin the knuckler???

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