THE NatsGM Show #96 – Special Guest Monteasy

THE NatsGM Show returns this Friday with Episode #96 and we are proud to welcome hip-hop artist & baseball fanatic, Monteasy!

On this episode Monteasy and I talk several baseball topics, starting with Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Bonds, the Hall of Fame and the steroid era.  Next the conversation turns to Monteasy’s thoughts on ways baseball can appeal to the younger generation, particularly those in the inner-cities without easy access to the game.  Finally he talks about the New York Yankees, the state of the franchise and the overall rebuild.

Thank you to Monteasy again for our theme music and for joining the Podcast this week.  In addition, thank you for downloading!

One thought on “THE NatsGM Show #96 – Special Guest Monteasy

  1. This may sound totally crazy , Ryan,
    Considering the nats woeful AAÀ
    Depth for rotation in DC: sign
    Ross Detweiler who may be overshooting
    For a spot on a 25 man somehere .
    Meanwhile john jaso has that ” I ve been to Jamaica on spring vacation hair look ” going .

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