THE NatsGM Show #92 – Special Guest Nicolas Stellini

THE NatsGM Show Episode #92 is complete and we are happy to welcome outstanding writer from Nicolas Stellini!

Building off several of his recent articles, we begin the conversation discussing the recent ugly incident between the Yankees and Dellin Betances, plus the state of the team as a whole.  Next we talk about the Nationals, their signings of Joe Blanton and Matt Wieters, along with his thoughts on their pitching staff.  Then we shift and talk the New York Mets, their pitching staff and how he expects the NL East to shake out in 2017.  Finally Nicolas shares his opinion on Mike Mussina and his candidacy for the Hall of Fame!

Special thank you to Nicolas for joining the show – definitely check out his work at Fangraphs and elsewhere online.  Thanks also to MontEasy for our brand NEW show theme music.  Thanks for downloading, bye for now!

6 thoughts on “THE NatsGM Show #92 – Special Guest Nicolas Stellini

  1. Silly question : did the nats part ways with
    Patrick Leyland and the Gator alum shipped over from buccos for Bostick ???

  2. Let’s hope Nick Lee did not blow his elbow
    Out or something in that sohere !!

    • Hey Jeff,

      Hope the eye is recovering! Lee’s injury did not look good on TV and I have heard back stuff about it from “sources”. Hope it isn’t TJ for him, but good chance he sees the 60-day DL.

      • Somebody on Luke’s site said
        Not ligament
        Still sounds ugly for a great kid
        Eye is coming along like dustys decision on bullprn

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