THE NatsGM Show #89 – Special Guest Matthew Riddle

THE NatsGM Show returns with our 1st episode of February 2017 and we are proud to welcome former MMA fighter and current professional wrestler Matthew Riddle!

Our interview begins with Matt sharing his thoughts on his UFC career, Dana White and his take on Ronda Rousey.  Then our conversations shifts toward professional wrestling, his favorites growing up as a kid and how his athletic background helped him transition from MMA.  Next Matt talks about Evolve, how he ended up with the company, working with Gabe Sapolsky and acting as a co-trainer for the company.  Finally we finish with a game of “Rapid Fire” where Matt talks about fighting Brock Lesnar and Ken Shamrock, his favorite band and his future in the sport.

Thanks to Matt for joining us this week – please check out his new website for more information.

Matthew Riddle & NatsGM

2 thoughts on “THE NatsGM Show #89 – Special Guest Matthew Riddle

  1. Nice PBR illusion
    2017 watch on the young bullpen ers
    Orlan , Thomas, Benincasa Mooney
    Angher C and Howard

  2. Very interesting
    Nats deal two Latin kids with worthy
    2016 performance
    Rizzo not done ?
    You will love scouting maryland and other
    Programs knowing Kline will be directing
    Scouts to go heavy on arms in draft

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