6 thoughts on “Inauguration Day Poll – Who Would You Prefer As The Washington Nationals First Baseman in 2013?

  1. I love Michael Morse like the rest of you, but LaRoche is a better first baseman. There was room for the Beast last year, but not this year. It’s good to have AJ Cole back.


    • Thanks for commenting and voting Positively Half St…. Another commenter mentioned this poll over the weekend (tip of the Fedora to Sec314) and I thought it would be interesting to see the results in NatsTown. I am working on an article on this topic, hopefully for tomorrow as well and I wanted to see if my eventual opinion vibes with the fanbase.


    • Morse has upside? He may be a few years younger than LaRoche but he is what he is, a decent power who is a liability defensively and on the base paths. Going into his age 31 season it is unlikely that any aspect of his game is going to improve, and if his power drops off he’ll plummet to replacement player value very quickly.

    • Haha… Think Kevin Goldstein and I might be the only two people in “our generation” that still sports the Fedora!

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