4 thoughts on “Friday Fan Poll -> Opinion of the Washington Nationals Trading Mike Morse Back to the Seattle Mariners

  1. How about a poll grading the decision to keep LaRoche over Morse?
    Or signing Span and putting Morse out of a job?
    I fear 2012 was an aberration for LaRoche. Morse hits for a higher average and with more power. Maybe LaRoche’s defense wins a couple games, but the Nats still lost a lot of one and two run games last year, esp. before Morse came back.

    • @Sec314… Great idea, I will run that poll idea over the weekend. I am very curious what Nats fans would say. Personally I would prefer LaRoche over Morse for just 2013, but the 2nd year of the deal and not getting a pick for LaRoche could sway me to vote Morse. Thanks for the Poll idea, will run it over the weekend-

  2. @Sec314 – okay, I’ll bite.

    “How about a poll grading the decision to keep LaRoche over Morse?” A: love it. With our pitching staff, nothing is more important than than the defense to back them up.

    “Or signing Span and putting Morse out of a job?” A: Love it, same reason as above. Also, Span has a very reasonable contract. That said, I would not have been down with giving a boatload of cash and five years to Michael Bourn.

    Harper having another year to mature, (hopefully) fully healthy years from Zimmerman and Werth, a true leadoff hitter at the top of the order and a perfect L-R-L-R-L-R-S-R lineup balance ought to more than overcome the loss of The Beast, however much I liked him as a player.

    • Hmmm well I’m not so sure. Morse was the only legit power threat in the Nats lineup. Honestly, the only hitter that inspired a great deal of fear in pitchers. They knew it wouldn’t take much for the ball to leave if he got to it; especially with men on base.

      Its a different approach or strategy as Rizzo stated. Gone are the days waiting for the 3-run homer, winning offensively predicated on speed, stealing bases and gap power … at least until Harper and Espinosa fully develop. If Zim stays healthy he’s the closest they have to a legit power/elite hitter at this juncture.

      And that is completely different from the way Davey Johnson prefers to do things since he is a acolyte of the Earl Weaver school of thought that says wasting outs on sacrifice bunts, attempts to steal are outs and you only have so many in a game. So many chances to give to the run producers.

      I don’t see Davey changing his spots just because Mike Rizzo subscribes to the Jim Riggleman St. Louis Cardinals philosophy versus Weaver’s Oriole’s philosophy. I’m not sure why Rizzo continues to thinks that way given the results Davey has produced? Riggleman had the worst winning percentage in baseball going back to 1900.

      Davey probably feels that Harper and Desmond might be ready to take the next step. Combine with Zimmerman and LaRoche and perhaps T-Mo and you’ve got plenty of bang in the lineup. With Espinosa an additional left/right handed power platoon bat. Davey must prefer that.

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