THE Ryan Sullivan Show – Vinny Marseglia

THE Ryan Sullivan Show Episode #2 is now available and we proudly welcome Ring of Honor Superstar and a star of the upcoming movie The Find, Vinny Marseglia!

Our conversation begins with Vinny discussing his role in the upcoming movie The Find, how he scored the part and shares a bit about the plot of the film. Then we pivot to talk about the recent success of The Kingdom with Matt Taven and TK O’Ryan, plus his plans for 2019. Finally, we conclude with a game of Rapid Fire, where Vinny shares his favorite finishing move, favorite horror movie and a great wrestling-related road story.

Thanks to Vinny for joining the show this week, and to you for downloading!

THE Ryan Sullivan Show – Samantha Newman

THE debut episode of THE Ryan Sullivan Show, Formerly Known As THE NatsGM Show, has dropped and we proudly welcome Vice President of Double Diamond Sports Management, Samantha Newman!

Our conversation begins with Samantha discussing her early career working for baseball card companies Donruss, Leaf and Panini. Next she tells a tremendous story about working with Ron Artest and meeting our mutual friend Joshua Kusnick. Finally, Samantha and I reflect on our recent journey becoming MLB Certified Player Agents.

Thanks to Samantha for joining the show, and to you, for listening. Please let me know any guests you would like to see appear on a future episode @RyanSullivanPod.

THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #49

THE Joshua Kusnick Experience has recorded a special Thursday episode to comment on the horrible news on Monday this week.

Our conversation begins with Josh talking about meeting with his clients in Spring Training and gives an update on client Taylor Grover. Next we mourn the passing of three meaningful celebrities to Josh and Ryan, specifically actor Luke Perry, hockey player Ted Lindsay and Prodigy lead singer Keith Flint. And we finish the episode with Josh sharing his feelings on Barstool Sports and the disappointment he feels to have published an article there once.

Thanks for listening and please follow us on Twitter @JoshKusnickPod.

THE Joshua Kusnick Experience #48 – Is Rick Reuschel a HOFer?

THE Joshua Kusnick Experience Episode #48 is now available for download!

This episode begins with Josh discussing his recent New York Post Headline and the fallout from the story. Next he mentions appearing on several podcast in recent weeks. Finally both Josh and Ryan mention the passing of comedian Brody Stevens, followed by a San Francisco Giants version of “What Was His WAR?”

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