Scouting A Craft Beer – Old Oriole Park Beer From Peabody Heights Brewery

During a recent family event I surprisingly found myself imbibing on an unfamiliar craft beer with a baseball image on the can.  Upon further inspection, I discovered I was drinking a pint of Old Oriole Park Beer from Peabody Heights Brewery, based in downtown Baltimore, Maryland.

Old Oriole Park Beer was named Maryland’s top beer at the 2015 Maryland Craft Beer Competition.  Furthermore, the brewery location is located at the former home of the minor league Baltimore Orioles franchise from 1916-1944.  Peabody Heights produced their first beer in 2012 and now makes more than 24,000 barrels per year according to their website.

Due to the obvious baseball theme and the fact we proudly support local craft breweries, I thought we should revisit a recurring column and scout this craft beer.  Using an adjusted 20-80 scouting scale, this past weekend Mrs. NatsGM and I held a tasting in order to thoroughly evaluate this offering.  Below are our grades and some thoughts on this Bohemian Pilsner.

1)            Marketing and Presentation

NatsGM – 70 / Mrs. NatsGM – 75

The front of the can features a classic black-and-white picture of a tag play at home plate between a runner and the catcher, with the umpire staring intently at the two men.  The image is fantastic, as it leaves some interpretation as to what happened before and the eventual outcome.  In addition the side of the can features factoids about the brewery and their historic location in Baltimore.

The only negative is the picture and colors are somewhat subdued, so I fear people could overlook it while browsing the shelves.  That said the can should be pleasing to most individuals and particularly baseball fans.

2)            Appearance and Aroma

NatsGM – 55 / Mrs. NatsGM – 50

This lager looks fantastic poured into a pint glass, with a medium-sized white head.  It has a clear light-golden, almost straw color which is rather see-through.  Further, the mild aroma is pleasant, with some floral notes and a malty scent.

3)            Flavor and Taste

NatsGM – 60 / Mrs. NatsGM – 70

Both of us thoroughly enjoyed this, as it possesses a crisp flavor on the palate and a light aftertaste.  It is very smooth, well-balanced and enjoyable to drink.  In addition, it tastes like you are enjoying a quality beverage, something far superior to a comparable Miller Lite.  This beer is ideal for someone one looking for a lighter option on a warm day.  Finally, it does a nice job providing a bigger flavor than the mainstream beers, but is more subtle than the typical craft beer.

4)            Overall

NatsGM – 65 / Mrs. NatsGM – 70

Mrs. NatsGM and I were both extremely impressed by the quality of Peabody Heights Old Orioles Park Beer, especially since we generally prefer heavier beer options.  I would recommend this to anyone, but particularly to those who typically shy away from crafts.  This product tastes far superior to the more popular options and provides a nice first step to those new to craft beers.

It is on the lighter side in terms of alcohol with only 4.5% ABV and costs about $7-8 dollars per 6-pack, relatively inexpensive compared to their competitors.  In fact, considering the unique exterior, superior taste and reasonable price, there is no doubt Old Orioles Park Beer is a worthwhile purchase.  And if you are a baseball fan, consider making a day trip to the Peabody Heights Brewery, followed by a game at Orioles Park at Camden Yards.

THE NatsGM Show #88 – Guest Mike O’Connor

THE NatsGM Show Episode #88 has dropped and we are proud to welcome former Major League Pitcher and Washington Nationals player Mike O’Connor.

We begin our conversation by discussing his formative years, playing college baseball at George Washington and his experience on draft day.  Then he shares stories about playing for Washington at RFK Stadium, his major league debut and his favorite tales from his career.  After this Mike tells us about what he is up to in retirement, answers questions from the audience and plays a game of “Rapid Fire“.

Thank you to Mike for joining us and candidly answering so many questions we as fans always want to ask a major league player.  Please consider Rating, Reviewing & Subscribing to the show on iTunes – Thank you for listening!

THE NatsGM Show #87 – Guest Veda Scott

THE NatsGM Show #87 has published and we are proud to welcome one of the top wrestlers in North America, Veda Scott!

Veda and I begin our interview discussing her upcoming appearances locally at NoVA Pro Wrestling, how she found the company and her match last summer against Kimber Lee.  Next Veda talks about being a lifelong wrestling fan, training to be a wrestler while in law school and working in the business while in her final year of law school.  She then shares her thoughts on the current state of women’s wrestling, the growth around the globe and on the indys.  Finally we finish our conversation with a game of “Rapid Fire“!

BIG Thank You to Veda for joining the show and to NoVA Pro Wrestling for helping coordinate our interview.  Please check them out on Twitter @VAWrestling & online at

Veda Scott & NatsGM, with a Kimber Lee Photobomb

THE NatsGM Show #86 – Guest Brad Wheedleton From Bobblehouse Industries

THE NatsGM Show is back with our 1st episode of 2017 and we are proud to welcome special guest Brad Wheedleton, founder of Bobblehouse Industries!

This week we begin our interview with Brad by asking him about the initial idea for Bobblehouses and developing a business building houses for your Bobbleheads.  Next he talks about the creation of several other novel products and making custom products for individuals.  Finally, he talks about some future ideas for Bobblehouses and some of his favorite designs.

Special thank you to Brad for joining the show – you can find all the information about Bobblehouses at